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Seller Comment: SOLD $600.00---  Thanks so much for your services!
This is my fourth time using your website, and I had another great experience selling my hair! 

Seller Comment: Thank you so much for having your website as a venue! Although, I wish there was some way to make it safer for sellers and buyers. I am amazed that I sold my hair in 20days!

Buyer Comment: I just wanted to say thank you so much! You have been the best site and actually talk with your sellers to help make sure they are protected from fraud. You have gone above and beyond. For that I cannot thank you enough.

Seller comment:
I wanted to update you and let you know my hair has been sold for $900.00. When I go to sell my hair again, I am coming to your site first since other sites just got me a lot of spam. Wasted 6 months trying to sell my hair when I sold it in just a couple weeks on your site.


Hi Marlys! 
good news! I've gotten many inquiries from my post here on this site....and on September 15th, was contacted by a buyer from Australia and now have finally finalized everything after going through MANY emails, photos, and even videos of the haircut that I had done.
Today I will be shipping out my hair and I have received $3,000 via paypal for my 30 inches of hair.
thank you so much for your service..I have been spreading the word about this website to hairstylists, salons, people who have asked me about my hair, friends and family. This site is SO much better than OTHER SITES(which I also posted on). SO thank you again

--Dear Marlys, all I have to say is WOW!!! I am so grateful for your website, your services, and the time you take to personally guild us through this process. My hair sold in less than 48 hours! I was selling 19in of my curl dark brown hair, however I was willing to go shorter for my buyer. He wants a pixie cut with video which I included in my ad. It sold for $750 and the $ cleared a few minutes after I sent him a paypal invoice. I received emails from 4 serious bidders all of whom were very pleasant. Some even helpful after loosing the bid with fraud advice. Overall, what a wonderful experience. And my buyer was even sweet enough to let me choose from 5 different styles so I could feel more comfortable. I will definitely recommend your site to every girl I know who wants to earn some extra cash. Thanks again! You can take my ad down. Sincerely, Jessica

"I sold my hair for $3650.00. 
I did get a lot of spam and scammers, but that's to be expected since if you post an ad with an email address and pics you will get spam.
I answered the emails that had questions and sent out other pics, none showed anything personal nor any facial features.
I never revealed my full name either.
I also included the date I would be closing bids and the current high bid in each reply

which I think helped weed out those who were not serious. 
My buyer had the highest offer.
I told the buyer I would only accept  Paypal and that I would not do anything further until the payment was received and confirmed.
The buyer held up their end, I did mine. 
I was really happy with your prompt responses, Marlys and with the advice you offered on the site.
If people are smart about what they say and do, it can work out well. Thanks for your service, Meghan"


FROM A BUYER: I am a frequent visitor of your site and I appreciate the site and your hard work very much.  A couple of years ago, I answered an ad on your site and bought some beautiful blonde hair from a very nice lady.  She told me about a friend who had some beautiful brown hair she wanted to cut and I ended up buying her hair also. 
I would not consider my feelings for hair a "fetish" because I think of a fetish as a perverse sexual thing.  I have had an interest in hair and haircutting ever since I was 4 or 5 years old.  I won't bore you with the details, but I have always had an interest in women's hair and everything concerning it...haircutting, perming, styling, salon activity, the way hair feels and smells.  I have never cut a woman's hair.  I have never asked a woman if she would let me cut her hair.  I did ask the ladies' that I bought hair from if they would be willing to take before, during, and after pictures and both of them agreed.  I also told them of my interest in hair and both of them did not have any problem with that either.

I was introduced to your site by just typing "hair for sale" into Google.  But, there is at least one "fetish" site that has a link to your website.  It is a Yahoo Group.  It is in the Adult category and features pictures of the haircutting videos that are offered on EBay.  I have bought videos from him before because he features long to short haircutting and other things also.  I think he is a hairdresser in Southern California.
I am sorry for the long email but I wanted to explain why your clients may be getting some offensive email responses if you didn't know already.  I can only speak for myself but I would never be offensive in any contact that I may have with any of your clients, but I won't lie about why I want the hair either. 

MY COMMENT: I appreciate the honesty from both buyers and sellers. Please feel free to send me any comments. I will post them with privacy as I do not wish to slander anyone. However if I get several complaints pertaining to any one individual, (buyer or seller) I will post their email ON THE FRAUD PAGE and ban them from this website. 

Dictionary Word for Fetish 

SELLERS Comments below

My hair has been sold for 450 GBP plus a very expensive hair style after and travel.
I am very pleased thank u for a wonderful website but I have received a lot of scam emails due to my post and so I will soon have to stop using this email address

My Comment: When possible always use a temporary email when selling to your personal email does not get loaded with scam.


This buyer wasn't interested in my hair because I washed my hair right before the cut.
MY COMMENT:  Keep in mind that buyers have the right to ask for special requests when buying your hair.
It is up to you to meet the need when ever possible.
If selling hair direct off head you may first communicate with the needs of the buyer. They may want it unwashed, video tape of cutting, or some other request-etc. You have the right to ask why! So keep communication open. There are many legit buyers wanting your hair.



Hi Marlys, My hair is SOLD!!! $500 was the purchase price and it sold in less than 24 hours.. I wanted to thank you and I definitely recommend you to others trying to sell their hair...This was without a doubt the easiest transaction I've had with the internet and it's service providers.. You were absolutely top notch to work with and the person who purchased my hair was very, very nice and easy to deal with...I am amazed at how fast my hair sold...I got some offers and went with what I felt was a great price for me and the buyer...Once again, Thank you for all your help and your website. My hair surely would have been in trash can instead of making me some money and the buyer happy with their purchase...Please feel fee to use this as a testimonial of the great job you do...
Daniel M.


I have a hair piece advertised on your site. I've gotten a lot of bids. Your site has been a godsend for my friends because they would have cut their hair and throne it away. I hope I can send you a lot of business because I know allot of ladies with very long hair and it works that you make money and the ladies get money too. thank you so much. 


Yes, my hair has sold, it sold within the 3 weeks I was hoping for and I received $2250 for about 34", and the buyer was very pleased. It was quite a pleasant and exciting experience and I wanted to thank you again for your website. I don't know if I'll be back again, simply because I am loving the freedom of my new short hair. But if I do find myself with long locks again, I will definitely be coming your way.
 Thanks again and best wishes 

I sold my hair for $200 to a man in Belguim.  Most people kept telling me that it was "ONLY' 14" so it wasn't worth as much?!  But it was really an interesting experience & would do it again...especially thru your site!

I just wanted to let you know that my hair sold (for $700!) so that you can take down my ad. This has been a fun experience, and I look forward to using the money for the down payment on my wedding dress. You run a wonderful site.

My hair is sold already!!!---------- Sold in 3 days.-------I sold my 15 inches of hair for $350.  I will definitely be telling my friends about this.  I was really surprised because I didn't think my hair is anything special (I still don't).  You have a wonderful website.

Just wanted to let you know that my hair has sold for $1250 in just over 2 weeks! overall a very positive experience. 

Just wanted to let you know I've sold my hair. It was an interesting experience, a lot of offers, many false, a lot of creepy people with hair fetishes. I will use your services in the future, see you again in 2 years.  

Just wanted to let you know that I sold my hair today for $1000.  Thanks for offering your site to help me sell it. 

I sold 23" of my Unique Cherokee/Scottish hair for $1600.00 USD in less than
two weeks!!! Thank you so much for providing this web site for people like
me, who want to advertise their hair to serious buyers! I received almost 80
e-mails in 12 days! Also, I have referred this web site to other people who
are thinking about selling their hair too.

Thanks again,

Hi Marlys, I wanted to let you know my hair has sold after 4 weeks.  I think they got a good deal on a great 17", 5.5 oz. golden red ponytail, but I'm satisfied with the price as well, which is about what I was anticipating when I first placed the ad.  After accepting an $800 bid the first week which eventually turned out to not be genuine, I had gotten my hopes up higher, but I was more eager to sell quick than hold out!  I learned my lesson and am contacting you only now that payment has been deposited by PayPal and the hair has shipped out by Certified Mail.   I really appreciate the advice and help you gave me throughout the frustrating bid process, and I think your tips in the "beware" section are very sensible.  For others looking to sell their hair, I would advise being very suspicious of offers that sound great; many people are just drawing you out for more pictures, or are involved in producing hair fetish videos or websites.  Although I had a few genuine offers from honest people, most of the e-mails I received (and there were dozens) were dishonest, lewd, or even outright insulting.  There is a lot of exposure on this site and you get the bad along with the good.  If I had my hair to sell again, I would cut it first and have a friend keep track of the bids, it would be less stressful for someone without an emotional attachment to the hair!   I am very happy with the listing service you provided, and with my short new haircut.  This was a learning experience for me and in the end I've got a little extra money out of it in time for the holidays.  :-)  Thanks very much and please feel free to use this e-mail and my pictures as testimonials.  

Thank you for your service, the entire process was easy and efficient. I posted an ad on 9/27/06, and just wanted to let you know I've cut and sold, therefore the ad can be removed. Everyone that contacted me regarding the ad was very nice, no lewd emails at all. I accepted one of the first bids for $275 for my ponytail, including layers, which ended up being about 14" at the longest point.

My hair is sold, I sold 21+ inches for $1000. Less than 3 weeks ad was up. Thanks.

Please remove my post from your website, as I recently sold my hair for $575.  I sold it to someone in Italy, and everything has gone well so far.  I received payment and shipped the hair, but now the package is being held up in customs because it needs a certificate of cleanliness.  Any ideas on how to get around this one?

I recommend you investigate LOL (Locks Of Love) which you are promoting on your site, as they are NOT all that they seem to be. They use only 2% of the hair donated, do NOT help many kids with cancer as people think, and sell most of the hair they get in.

Hello,  I am considering selling my hair and I am impressed by your site and service. Your warning is appreciated. I feel you are extremely forthcoming and the you have the best interest of your customers at heart. It never occurred to me that this might attract a fetish crowd, but now that you mention it, it makes sense and I am prepared to face it. Getting a special e-mail for the occasion is also sage advice. I found it interesting that some of your customers videoed their haircut and sold those, too. While the "acting" is out of the question (not that they would want this 54 yr old), it made me think it might be fun to have a record of the cut as I doubt I will ever grow it out again (and certainly not to my waist). I will be having it cut very short as I am a wash and run kind of girl which means either long or short -- none of this medium fuss-with length!  You have my respect for your integrity.

thank you so much Marlys i have sold my hair for $2500 you can remove my add much 

Hi there,  I have my hair posted on your site & I just wanted to write to you to tell you that I sold my hair almost 1 month to the day of posting for $3000.00!!! We also did a few videos of a "shampoo/style" & another of a "curl & buzzed cut" to sell....  I was paid $3000.00 for my hair only..... the video is mine to sell copies of. Over all it was an awesome experience!!!! Thank you so much Marlys!!! :)  

Just wanted to let you know that I have sold my hair so you can take my ad down.  I sold 35" for $2,500.  Thanks for all your help & the use of your

I would prefer to just have the pictures and ad removed.  I have decided to keep my hair longer, but just a bit shorter.  I can't deal with cutting it now but I'm not sure I ever will be able to.  I've been debating about that for a year and I think it would be a big mistake to cut it.  I did have offers for $1,000 and $1,500 but I am not sure they were legitimate.  Some of the emails sounded a bit off.  If I do decide to take one of the bids I will let you know. Thanks for the site, it seems to work well for most people.  And thank you so much for the prayers.  That means allot to us.  It's been several very difficult several years.  C

I wanted to let you know that I cut and sold my hair today.  My ad was posted on the 13th "16-18 of healthy brown hair"  I was very pleased with the service, and appreciated the timely fashion of the whole process. Have a great day.

Just wanted to let you know that I've sold my hair. Thanks so much for having this wonderful website. The only thing I would of done differently is that I would of mentioned that my hair was already cut. I received a lot of emails just from people who wanted to cut my hair themselves. Again, thanks.

The hair from this ad was sold for $300.  The bid came in the same day the ad first appeared.

Hi, this is to let you know that my 15 inches of blonde hair sold for $500. I could have gotten more if I had taken a video, but oh well. Thanks!

Thank you very much for hosting my ad.
I received many inquiries and many great offers. I sold my hair on June 6, 2006 for $1325.00
and it has been a very pleasant auction. I had a lot of fun talking to all the bidders, and I've told a lot of people about your website.

Please take down my advertisement of 30+.  I have received a great deal of responses and inquires and have settled on a decision.  Thank you very much for your services.

 wanted to let you know that 22 (not 19) inches of Spungold has been sold for $1,000. I cut it Wednesday, received payment this morning, and will ship this afternoon. THANK YOU very much for the use of your website. I am very satisfied- it was worth the $20 to post it, and I will continue to refer people to your website. You can remove the ad if you wish or place a sold sign on - whatever suits you. Thank you again. Cheers!

Hi Marlys,

I sold my daughter's hair for 800 dollars in just 3 days.  The money has been sent today through PayPal (all of it).  I thank you so much, it was really worth it. I could have gotten more, but I didn't want to wait.

I sold my hair and all went smoothly.  It went for $750.  Thanks for the use of your site--you've been wonderful from the beginning! 


Sorry I haven't responded sooner.  I did sell my hair a week and a half ago.  He paid me in April.  He paid me $1,100.00  dollars.  Just incase you wanted to post that on your board.  Thanks for your sight.  Not too many off color emails either.

Thank you very much -------I sold my hair for 2200 for 32 inches, just so you know!

Hi Marlys.. I sold my hair for $165.00. Thanks for your site. It was fun.

I would like to let you know that i have sold my hair for $750 and would like to remove my ad from your website. If you wish you can keep the ad with the text that it has been sold for $750.
The buyer is satisfied with quality of my hair. He paid by paypal, 50% before sending the hair and
remaining 50% afterwards. He also paid for the international shipping cost. It took about two and a
half months for the whole deal to come across. I just want to mention one negative aspect in bidding
and finalizing process, that many buyers would finalize the deals and never respond thereafter. I
think there is no way to actually know who is genuine and who is not beforehand, but one can expect that these kinds of buyers exist and be prepared to handle them.
Thank you for providing this platform to sell my hair.

Hi Marlys!  Thank you so much for offering this website to sell my hair on!  I have sold my 26" of medium brown virgin hair posted on 11/23/05 for $1111.11 .  I could have gotten more but I couldn't wait any longer on the bids because I have to cut my hair at the beginning of January.  Thanks again!

Hi Marlys, thanks for your site!  I sold my hair and got the price I wanted, so please remove my ad.  Thanks very much!  

Please remove my ad. I sold my 18 inch ponytail for $500.00 in 30 days. Very
impressed with ad response. Totally worth the ad fee. Thanks Again 

I was surprised because my ad went up online the day I sent it to Marlys,
 and I got offers that very day!  It went for $600.

You can remove the 23 inch pony tail. The hair has sold. Thank you very much!

Thank you so much for all your help my 22 inches of blonde hair has sold. I
received $800 and was very pleased with the whole process. I bought my horse
and love it so much already. Thanks again for everything.

Just wanted to let you know I sold my hair (for $750.00 in just ten day's!) so you can take down my ad. Than you . 

I have sold my hair for $526 so you can take my ad down now.  Thank you very
much for your help.  If I sell in the future I will be sure to contact you. 
Thank you again.

Thank you so much for all your help. I have sold my hair in only 5 days. I received the
$500 I was wanting. I was really pleased with the whole process. Thanks

Hair sold rather quickly. Please remove my ad. Lots of people want hair.

I have already sold my hair for a good price. Thank you for everything, and see you again in a few years.

I sold 17 inches for $200 - I'm happy, buyer is happy, what more could a girl want? :)

I would like to let you know that my hair has been sold, and you can remove my ad from your site.  It only took 3 days, and I had 6 inquiries.   I received $300.  I'm sure I could have gotten more, but this buyer did not care about cutting it himself.  The buyer was very prompt with his payment and polite in our communications.  It was a great experience overall, and I'll recommend your site to anyone considering selling their hair.  Thanks again. Parker

I received $100 before I sent the hair and $100 after she received it.
I am very happy with the $200 total, that was what my asking price was. It
took 5 months but it was worth it. Michael

Hi!  I have sold my hair after many offers.  Please remove my ad from your
website.  Overall, it was a great experience.  The buyer will actually wait
a few months and pay me more money than originally agreed upon to get
several more inches of my hair.  I'm very pleased with the result of posting
my ad on your site.

Beware I don't know if you are aware of this or not, but a large portion of the
people looking at your site are of the hair fetish crowd.  When they say
they want to cut your hair personally it often means in a buzz cut.  A good
50% of the offers I got were of that nature.  I would suggest that you add a
line to your site suggesting that the seller (particularly women) ask a lot
of questions and be very careful about meeting unknown buyers.


Hi, I sold my hair that was posted on 10/19 (the luscious 16 in braid and 14 in ponytail), so you can remove my ad.  thanks


Thank you for your service. My hair has been sold. Please remove the ad from your website.

I have sold 22 for $850 and could have gotten a lot more if buyers were able to cut it themselves.  The price you have to pay to live in Alaska !  Please remove my ad.  Thanks a lot!


Hi! The 4 feet long hair has been sold.  Please remove my ad. 
  Thank you so much!


I Sold my hair yesterday - the ponytail for $250. I only got two offers on
it the first day it was posted. Well thank you for your help & You can take
it off your site anytime - Thx


My hair has sold so you can take down my ad. Thanks  


Hello -- just wanted to let you know I found a buyer for a great price.  It took about 2 months but I'm glad I waited for this amount.  Thanks again for your help, I'll probably be in touch again in a couple years! ~ 


Hello Marlys, Please remove my advertisement from your site. I have sold my hair. Thank you very much



I sold my hair. You may remove the ad (red ponytail) from your site. Thanks!

Hi! I finally sold my hair! I was happy with the sale. You can take down my add. Thank you so much. I will for sure use your site, if I grow it out again. Thank you. Wendy 


Hi there. I just wanted to let you know that I sold my hair last week. Thanks so much for your help. I will be back in a couple of years when my hair gets longer.

Mary Ann


Hi thank you for placing my hair on your site.  I have sold my hair and had fun doing it.  Thanks you


Thanks for posting my ad.  Just letting you know that the 12" blond ponytail
has been sold.  Thanks again for your service.


It hasn't sold but I've gotten many offers, many of them at $500. The problem is that when I accept someone's offer, they don't get back to me. People, in general, are very flaky in nature and I wish they wouldn't contact me unless they really were serious. But, there is a gentleman who has emailed to tell me not to cut my hair because I could be a hair model. My husband took more pictures and we sent them. They liked what they saw and this might turn out better than cutting it. So you can go ahead and remove my ad and thank you again for the opportunity to show it.



Hi there-- Thanks so much for keeping my ad up.  I had over fifty offers and ended up selling it for much more than I anticipated; your site is great.  Thanks again! 

Hello- I have sold my hair, so you may remove my ad from your website. 
 Thank you.


Hi Marlys,  My hair (the 18" medium brown braid) has been sold.  thanks,    


Hi Marlys,
Just wanted to let you know I sold my hair in just over a month after my information was posted on your web site. I got well over 2 dozen responses, in fact I'm still getting them :-) Thank you so much for this truly unique service that you provide.


Thank you very much for posting my hair for me.  I have sold it already, just after one week!  Best regards


Hi Marlys, Thank you so much for posting my add on your site. I recently sold it for 230.00. It took a little less than six weeks. I received over 40 inquires about my hair. Thanks and I will recommend you site to everyone I know who is thinking about getting a cut.                   -----------------THANKS--------- 

Dear Marlys,
I was just writing to inform you that my hair was sold.  I sold 18
inches for $500.  Thank you for posting my ad for my hair.  I appreciate it
greatly. Thanks Again! 
I sold my 22" of dark brown
thick hair within 6 weeks. 
I got $150.00 and the client was very happy, as I was!  Thanks again.

Hello Marlys!  Thank you so much for your great website.  I just sold my
hair for a great price.  The buyer was very pleased.  I had so many
requests for my hair before I finally found the one I wanted to sell
to.  I appreciate your help.  Thanks again!  Britt


I sold my hair about 2 weeks ago.  Thank you, your site was a success for me. I
received about 20 responses to my ad and I sold the hair for 500 dollars. I
hope all goes well for you.

Dear Marlys, I wanted to let you know I sold my hair this past week.  I received a dozen responses within a month.  I am very pleased with the amount I was paid for my hair.  Thank you very much for posting my ad.  I will be sure to refer others to you. Sincerely

Just wanted to let you know I sold my hair for $100!  Thank you so much for posting my ad!  I am so glad I found your site!  Thank you


thank you for posting my ad. It was very efficient and I sold my hair in
less than a month. Please, remove my ad from your web site so that people
stop sending me emails! thanks


Marlys ,   I wanted to let you know that I've sold my hair & am very happy with the entire transaction.  I have referred your website to several people, so when there ready to make that cut I'm sure they'll keep you in mind. 

Hi Marlys,
Thanks for posting my hair on your website!  I sold it for $225 and was very


Hi Marlys,
Thanks for posting my ad.  I received quite a few responses and sold my hair at a good price.
Thanks again,


Thank you so much for your service.  I
received $145.  Thanks again!

Unhappy with service?