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ponytail thickness


To accurately measure a ponytail's thickness, you must pull the measuring tape as tight as possible, around a tightly bound ponytail, just below the elastic band.
When posting your ponytails thickness, it's important that the measurement is taken at the place you plan to cut off your ponytail for an accurate description for the buyer.


A braid picture from a buyer is also very important as it shows how well a sellers hair maintains it's thickness down it's entire length.

weight measurement of a persons hair is the most accurate of all measurements.
A persons ponytail or braid can be made to look allot thicker than it really is if it's been tied loosely or photographed in a certain way, but the weighing of a persons hair helps to do away with the inaccuracy of thickness measurement and is the most accurate way for a buyer to be sure that they're getting of the volume of hair that they're paying for.


How to accurately weigh your ponytail on a digital kitchen scale.
First place the scale on the edge of a table, counter or some surface so the top of the scale is at or just below the height of the base of your ponytail while sitting on a chair or stool. Place a plate on the scale and zero the scale, then coil your ponytail and place it on the plate ensuring the ponytail elastic is right at the edge of the plate. By being careful and not having the base of your ponytail pushing down on the plate and being careful to not lift up the base of your ponytail above the plate, very accurate results can can be achieved between the weight of a uncut and cut ponytail.



The more accurate the hair measurements are,
the less room for error between buyers and sellers and all will be happier in the long run!